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Labor Law is relevant to everyone. Are you an employee who wishes to know exactly how your job and working rights are protected in such events as a dismissal, a child-birth or an accident at work? Are you an employer who needs trustworthy information on how to implement a part-time system or act preemptively to avoid legal disputes? Our law firm specialises in labour matters and effectively services the needs of both employers and employees by providing legal services relating to judicial and extrajudicial settlement of individual and collective labor disputes.


Employement issues are our specialty

Our labour lawyers will clarify for you such legal notions as labour withholding, wage arrears, amending termination of employment contract, abusive exercise of rights, legal action against an employer, and provide guidance when it comes to protecting rights arising from an employment relationship.

We work towards achieving a balance between conflicting interests with business growth in mind; we believe in working employment relationships and we aspire to provide efficient counsel on the employment issues that concern you.


Legal services

For the employee:

  • Legal representation at the Labour Inspectorate and the Social Insurance Organisation (IKA)
  • Official minimum wage rates, pay cuts or unpaid wages
  • Overtime pay, working on holidays and pay for night work
  • Compensation in the event of dismissal
  • Accident at work
  • Μaternity leave

For the employer:

  • Complaints at the Social Insurance Organisation (IKA) and the Labor Inspectorate
  • Individual and collective employment contracts
  • What do the terms outsourcing, job sharing and flexibility involve
  • Flexible forms of employment
  • Effective time management
  • Business contract drafting