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The National Cadastre concerns any real property owner when a region is under cadastral survey, even if they are domiciled abroad. At "Michailos & Associates" the specialized team of engineers and lawyers provides comprehensive services and monitor the progress of your declaration of ownership from submission to completion of registration.


Is your region under cadastral survey?

The submission of a declaration of ownership to the National Cadastre is mandatory by law and a prerequisite for any future notarial act such as a property transfer, a parental grant, a purchase/sale, donations, building permits etc. It is also an opportunity to declare long-term possession of real property (acquisitive prescription) or a right to property you have acquired through inheritance but you have not proceeded to a deed of acceptance.


Have you got a property in a region that was surveyed, but for some reason failed to declare it or found any error in the cadastral tables?

Depending on the stage of registration, you must even now declare your property to avoid time-consuming and costly litigation claims.

We can review the legal status and spatial layout of the property in the competent cadastral office and correct any obvious error regarding your property.



The law firm "Michailos & Associates" specializes in providing integrated cadastral services and addresses adequately any legal and technical matter that may arise. We study property titles, localize your property in the cadastral maps (aerial photographs) and propose the ideal solution on a case by case basis. Choosing us for the registration of your property, you can be sure that your property will be correctly declared, without hassle and unnecessary costs.