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Legal knowledge is strength. Invaluable experience and specialisation integral to a successful track record. The elements that make up MICHAILOS & PARTNERS, a law firm for today, at your service 24/7. These are indeed our core values: To concretely support the person who comes to us seeking advice, guidance, representation. Together we are a strong team which methodically works though every legal process, be that for court or out-of-court cases that concern you.



MICHAILOS & PARTNERS, set up in 2005 by the lawyer Andreas Michailos, quickly made a name for itself for its strong legal team and its sense of responsibility, straightforwardness and reliability when taking on all legal cases.

Right from the start, our company has been run on the principle of providing a solid, multifaceted foundation and rigorous support for every case in undertakes. Thus, our team comprises lawyers specialised in different fields of law. Long-term collaborations with Naoussa and Serres as well as the rest of Greece ensure a strong local presence and the swift taking up of any issue that concerns you. We continue to invest in expanding our legal partnership network to new cities while at the same time exploiting innovative state-of-the-art technology, offering online legal services, including electronic Cadastre, all to be found on our website.

Our team operates on a one-stop-shop basis, further enhanced by the collaboration of a notary public, accountant, engineer and an information systems engineer specialised in GDPR, all prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.



Expertise to match the times. Vigilance. Staying informed, continuous study and comprehensive awareness of legal data that changes each day. We at MICHAILOS & PARTNERS are your experts on labour issues. Informing, counselling and guiding you on your rights, whether you are an employee or an employer, so that any procedure or legal term is clearly elucidated for you. Our experience and ongoing investment in keeping abreast of any change in labour legislation is what our team is justly proud of and has set us apart for many years now.



Each step of the way is meticulously planned to assure the desired outcome. Our collaboration starts by your contacting our office on the subject that concerns you. A personal appointment follows where the issue is more fully elaborated upon. Our team will promptly examine and appraise the case, outlining the best strategy to adopt. We will then notify you in writing of the legal framework as well as the time frame for resolving the case, subject to assessing it. You will be kept constantly updated on each step of the legal procedure. To best manage your legal issue and pursue your case quickly, a special liaison officer keeps you updated on all developments and undertakes any communication with the opposing party and/or public services on your behalf. They will also coordinate a strong network of our partners, including notaries, civil engineers, surveyors, economists and experts, thus providing all-round services. The cost of legal services and procedural expenses are set out in the first meeting, while the financial agreement binds us and our principal.

Andreas Michailos
Andreas Michailos

Andreas Michailos is a Supreme Court lawyer with a Master's degree in Labour Law. He is specialised in today's highly demanding labour law and undertakes, inter alia, business consultancy services as well as legal representation for employees throughout Greece. He also draws up a suitable strategy for achieving the best outcome for your case.


Lawyers and professionals whose standing, ethics and sense of justice are beyond reproach. Individuals with a profound grasp of their area of specialisation. A team working in perfect unison on your case. A team which expands as its commission expands, eagerly seeking out new partners in Thessaloniki and throughout Greece.

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